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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tutto Bene

Good Food Month in Melbourne is exciting. Many restaurants will have special menus for the month, the taste of Melbourne hits town and there is the addition of the night noodle markets in the recent years. As part of the Good Food month celebrations on South Gate L (Size 8 Glutton) got invited to a tasting and I was lucky enough to be her plus 1.  

We tried Tutto Bene which is a traditional Italian restaurant overlooking the Yarra. As L described it, "Tutto Bene is a place you would take your parents or your in-laws, especially if they don't understand all the fuss about fusion, and the having to wait 30 minutes for hipster food".

As starter we choose the Sardine di pangrattato. This was  3 grilled sardines with lemon parsley fennel and freshly sliced orange. It's not served with bread but we choose to have ours over bread (just speak to the friendly wait staff and they'll come over with bread and olives). Normally sardine would not be my fish of choice but this one worked well. I did enjoy the citrus, sweetness the orange bought to the dish.

For out main, we were served the Granchio risotto as part of our deal. This is one of Tutto Bene's signature dish. The risotto was served with spanner crab, tomato and chilli. The flavours were blended together went very well, I always love a bit of a kick in tomato based sauce and this did just that. However the key element of the dish was a let down. The risotto was under cooked, the grains of rice were chewy and just let the whole dish down. When the wait staff came over to check how we were going, we told about the rice and they were very apologetic and offered us a complimentary dessert and tea/coffee to make up for it. I am not one to say no to a free dessert, so I gladly accepted

For dessert we got the Eton mess. When it came it was so pretty on the plate, it was hardly a mess. Passionfruit puree, blackberry mousse, freeze dried berries and delightful meringue pieces. 

Overall 15/20 The flavours in all our dishes were nicely executed, they offer a good breadth of choice for traditional Italian dishes.

NB: For good food month, Tutto Bene's offer was their signature dish along with a glass of wine. The starters and dessert was something we ordered in addition to their usual offer

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