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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Lucky for me, this place is not too far from where I live so I pop in every so often.

Unlike a lot of Japanese places in Melbourne, this place is actally run by actual Japanese people and  not just your usual Chinese people running a sushi shop. Based on the busy shopping strip of Koornang road, this place can be hard to get a table on the weekend and friday nights. Recently rennovated, they have an ipad ordering system in place that allows you to see pictures of what you are ordering.

I love their nasu dengaku (miso eggplant) so I always get that as an entree to start. Full of robust flavour and that mince meat just adds to the texture.

I recently have an obsession with Chirashi so I just had to try it here. Lots of fresh tuna, salmon, kingfish topped onto sushi rice. Nice and fresh and relatively healthy. This was a good change to the usual sashimi platter we get. Though I think in comparison to Koko, I still prefer Koko. Koko has better seasoning on the rice.

Soft shell crab roll is a MUST try here if you love soft shell crap. The spicy sauce on the side with wasabi, just takes it over the edge. YUM!

Tempura udon (the boy's favourite). Soft udon noodles which are cooked just right. Well covered tempura prawns and vegetables. If you like tempura udon, then it would appeal. However to me (never have liked tempura in soup), it just taste like a big bowl of soggy battered prawns and vegetables with silky udon noodles.

Overall 13/20. Good local joint to pick up a bite and still get quality Japanese food.

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