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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road is one of those restaurants I tend to always go back to. It's close to my office and also happens to be on the ET card. What I'm going to review today is their lunch special, where they have a choice of 5 dishes and you get to pick 3 to share with the party you visit with.

To start off there is Betel Leaf with Chicken, Chilli, Coriander and Kaffir Lime. This is nice small start to the meal to get your pallet salivating. It is a nice combination of chicken wrapped in the betel leaf and zest of lime.

First up there is the signature pork belly with apple slaw, caramel and black vinegar. This is my absolutely favourite dish here. There has never been a time I have visited and not ordered this dish. The pork is so sticky it will stick to your teeth and the apple slaw provides that crunchy and juicy balance. Must not be missed!

Lao style curry beef with potato and snake beans. This was nice in flavour but the beef was a tad disappointing, felt like it was just cheap beef chuck meat in a curry sauce. It would have been a lot better of a dish if the quality of beef was a bit higher.  The flavours were all there but the meat let the dish down.

Chicken with Chinese broccoli, garlic and pepper. Chicken was beautifully cooked where it was succulent and the gailan and pepper gave it the vegetable crunch and bit of a kick. It leaves you wanting more. Only wish there was more gailan in it.

Barramundi flake salad with coriander, lemon grass, chilli and rice powder. This was generous with large chunks of fish, heaps of coriander and other herbs to give it a very fresh taste. There is not too much chilli in there which was good as it lets the fish flavours really come through. I was not sure about the rice powder as I could barely taste it.

Overall I would give it a 16.5/20. I would've rated it a 17 but over the many visits here, I find they are quite inconsistent with their portion sizes. You generally get more if you attend in a small group, once the number of people you dine with goes up, the portion size and service goes down. Food is good here, just if you go in a big group you won't leave as satisfied as if you went with a smaller group.

UPDATE: I would like to revise my rating to a 17/20. I mentioned the portion size in a feedback email and I was contacted regarding the issue and the restaurant has looked into it to have that investigated. I find this response very impressive and I highly regard this type of service. Good work to the team at Red Spice Road.

NB: Try out their cocktail and mocktail menu. It won't disappoint, my personal favourite is the Green Asian 
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