Jamie's Italian

Ventured up to Sydney for work, so while I was there I could not resist the hype and had to try out Jamie's Italian. I read a few reviews on how this is one of his home styled restaurants that did the traditional dishes. This obviously got my senses aroused.

I don't know why though, I was interested but I didn't go in with high expectations. Anyway onto the food!

First up, the Arancini. It presented very well but there was nothing special about it. It just lacked that wow factor. Personally, if the sauce had a bit more of a kick in it, I would've liked it more. Didn't hate it either.

Mushroom ravioli. Looked at it when it came out and felt a bit............... expected a bit more colour since Mr Oliver always goes on about having colour in his shows. Not the world's best presentation but hey I'll still eat it.
This actually tasted a lot better than it looked. The different mushroom used in the dish actually gave it a different flavour to the usual stuff you get at Italian restaurants and the chili was a nice complement. I liked this dish but again it wasn't quite the star of my visit.

The star of my visit was the posh chips. These are chips cooked in truffle oil and complemented with Parmesan. I may be bias here as I do love both truffle and chips. The truffle flavour was well infused into the chip which made me go gah gah over this dish, then rather than salt you get the saltiness from the cheese. Mmmmmmm truely my hero of the day.

Since I a bit of a kid when it comes to Italian food, I had to try the old bolognese. Again presentation didn't pass with flying colours. The taste was very hearty and hit my hungry spot well. Thing that stood out for this pasta was how it was baked before it was served. It was baked just enough to give the top that bit of crisp but enough to not ruin the al dente texture of the pasta.

Lastly, panna cotta for desert. Full of vanilla flavour and the berries are always a good complement. A bit diappointed the berries weren't fresh berries. I would order it again because I like panna cotta but I have had better.

Overall, no real complains. This is a place I won't mind going back to. The pricing is reasonable and it did feel like a good hearty Italian meal, which is what it stood for.

The restaurant had a good environment where it felt fast paced but intimate enough for a catch up with friends.

Overall 17/20 for me

Pricing $$ (decently priced for what it is)

Thumbs up for me!

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