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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Third Wave

Located on Cato Street off Prahan Central this place is fairly new on the scene in this area. But it's sister store in Port Melbourne has been around for over 2 years. This is a bruch place by day and by night it turns into an American diner.

The venue is very modern and brightly lit. The decor and atmosphere was also very comfortable and I can see how it will appeal to a brunch setting. Overall the seating arrangement was simple and it made it feel quite spacious considering the size of the place.

Being the pig that I am, I obviously went for the dinner menu and those famous BBQ ribs.

  We got a medium size BBQ pork ribs. We expected the servings to be fairly big because American diners have a tendency to do things larger than normal. When it came, the medium only consisted of 4 ribs. I was a tad shock but in the end the serving size was right between 2 people as we ordered other things to share. When we were ordering we were told that it is quite spicy so we were recommended to go mild...... I'm guessing the waitress can't really take spicy because what we tasted wasn't spicy at all. In saying that, it was still very robust BBQ sauce flavour. The meat just fell off the bone, it was delicious. Next time I go back I will definitely get it again but maybe with more kick next time.

As a side we got the Pancetta peas. Mmmmm butter does make things taste better, the peas are cooked with butter and onion. The menu described there to be mint in there too but I failed taste or smell any mint on mine. The pancetta on the peas were very fatty which I'm sure added more flavour. I found this quite a good side to compliment the ribs.

Also, got the smoked chicken salad to help balance out my diet (a bit.. maybe... kinda). This was served with fennel, leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion, almonds and a coconut dressing. I can't say I've had those flavours together before but it did work together nicely.

After all that we walked away content but not full. When we were ordering we were advised that it would be enough food.... maybe I'm a large eater but I could've easily downed another plate of ribs. I really wanted to try the Reuben as well but we were worried it would be too much food for 2 people. Guess I'll have to go back now! You see from the pictures, we cleared all the plates!!

Overall I would rate it a 13.5/20. It's actually pretty expensive for the portion size and food type. It isn't exactly fine dining and  you are not looking at 1 main to fill a person up either. However with the food they did produce, it was done exceptionally well. PS. the Phoenix Ginger Beer goes amazingly well with the ribs if you would like a non-alcoholic beverage.

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  1. did you get invited? Or did you pay? The writing is a little bit hard to read. But still good blog though

  2. Sadly I paid. =(
    Thanks for the feedback on the writing, I'll change the font next time.


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