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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chef Lagenda

I was always told that this place was opened by the old chef from Laksa King. Back about a year ago when I visited them, I must say their laksa use to taste very very similar and almost equally as good as Laksa King. Now fast forward a year later and I try them again....

Whenever I head towards Flemington, it's normally because I have a laksa craving. So without a doubt.... laksa was one of the dishes we ordered. The combination laksa I got was not as creamy as I would like it to be and more spicy than I remember it. The overall flavour wasn't that bad but I think with it being next to Laksa King, it's hard not to compare and when I compare it, I would choose Laksa King.

We also got the roti canai with beef rendang. The roti could have been fluffier but I guess they are not a curry house or a place that specialises in roti. The curry was good but not exceptional or anything that would make me want to go back for more.

Finally there was also the belachan green veges and shrimp on rice. Personally I love belachan spinach, as it's a traditional Malaysian dish and that was what I asked for. They do either sambal spinach or belachan green vegetable. They also won't let me change it, which already started it off on the wrong foot. Anyway in the end I went with belachan green vege which was lady fingers and green beans. The belachan flavour was great but the lady fingers were a bit overcooked.

Overall I think it's not a bad Malaysian restaurant but just not good enough for me to want to visit again. 10/20

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