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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Despite after being open for so long, this place still has a queue out the door on most nights. If you don't want cheap Mexican then Mamasita is a good place to try. You could say Mamasita was one of the original restaurants that started a wave of Mexican restaurants in Melbourne. Unlike your Taco Bill, Mamasita is more refined Mexican food and I guess you can call it 'more hip'.

To start we got the corn chips with salsa and gucamole and a serve of corn each. The corn chips were homemade and served with fresh gucamole and tangy salsa, it was actually a lot better than I expected/remembered.

The corn, where do I begin.....? In my eyes, it's the best corn I've ever had. It's juicy, creamy, tasty and best of all the chipotle makes it amazeballs! With a generous squeeze of lime, before you bite into it, it's like flavour delight in your mouth. 

For the tostaditas, we went with de pollo (chicken). Served on small corn chips with shredded chicken, cabbage, avocado and chipotle mayo. It was a great way to get you salivating and wanting more.

With the tacos, they are with a soft shell. I got the fish and prawn taco. Both had beautiful texture in the meat and was cooked just right. The fish and prawn both maintained it's juices and flavours which complimented the salsa and really well.

For the Ceviche, we got the market fish with green tomato, lime, chilli and coconut milk. When we got it, we were a bit surprised, it was not what we thought it was. However it was a pleasent surprise, the fish is served in at coconut milk in a glass and you a eat with corn chips. I found this concept quite interesting. With the creaminess of the coconut milk, crispy crunch from the corn chips and because it's served cold the fish maintains it's freshness. I really liked it. 

Sharing mains we got the pork belly, grilled prawns and the chicken. Out of all the mains, my favourite was the grilled prawns, the creamy  almond sauce with the toasted garlic was just devine. 

The black mole chicken was also cooked perfectly  the chicken maintaining it's juciness but overall this dish was a tad disappointing. I don't know what I was expecting but I was hoping for something more exciting. 

The braised pork belly was also another good dish. You can taste all the flavours infused into the pork belly. 

To balance out all the fattiness from the pork belly and creamy almond sauce, we got the quinoa salad and potatoes on the side. The quinoa salad is a good fresh hit to balance out the meal. The corn adds a bit of sweetness into it.

For drinks I would recommend you all to try the Sangria. One of the few Sangria where you can no longer taste the cheap wine and the fruits make it quite delicious.

Dessert, the sweetcorn ice cream with caramel popcorn is a winner. Smooth ice cream with sticky caramel. The chilli chocolate would be more for people with an acquired taste for chilli chocolate. The flourless chocolate cake is very rich, so I would recommend you share with someone.

Overall I would say it's a 17.5/20. I can understand the queues outside and I'm impressed with their consistency in their food.

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