Melbourne Noodle Night Market Part 2 - Mamak, Paperboy Kitchen, Messina

Paperboy Kitchen

As previously mentioned I went over 2 nights. 

Paperboy Kitchen was one that I really wanted to try. I saw the massive queue on the first night and they actually ran out of food at 7.30. They offered Vietnamese Bun (pronounced "boon") with BBQ chicken, miso salmon and a vegetarian option.

I tried the BBQ chicken and the miso salmon. Both has lettuce, carrots, mint leaves and coriander as a base with fish sauce dressing. The serving sizes were a bit small for $10, if I had gone to Indochine or any of the shops on Victoria Street it would easily be double the size. The BBQ chicken was very average and the chicken was cooked nicely, not overcooked but just right. Nice and tender.

For me I preferred the miso salmon, I found it really tasty and you could really taste the miso infused flavour. The fish was cooked so it just crumbled nicely when you eat it.


Mamak was one of those stalls that the queue was so massive, it almost looked like the whole place was just one big Mamak queue. They didn't disappoint though, they made their roti fresh at the market and it was actually done in front of you. We got the mee goreng and roti canai. Both were delicious. The roti was nice and fluffy and the curry was just right for me (I don't like it when they are overly spicy), it was just enough for a bit of fire that made you reach for a drink but nothing that was hard to put out.
The Mee goreng was small for $14 a serve, but the rusty wok flavour evident made it worth the wait (again when I say this, I am compairing this to everything else at the market and not general outside, at their actual resturants). I felt that this was actually more flavorsome than the actual store. The noodles weren't soggy and good with a bit of bounce. There was just enough balance and portions of ingredients such as fish cake, egg, bean spout. Quite yummy, made me keep going back for more. 
 We also got satays from Mamak, but they were nothing to rave about.
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Messina, is not exactly "noodle" but they were also present at the market. I got to try their En-Thai-Sing and Haro Haro. En Thai Sing was pandan coconut sorbet with sticky rice, mango pieces and coconut milk. This was like a party on my taste buds. The sorbet was velvety smooth and fragrant with pandan and coconut (reminded me of the coconut jelly, you can get at yum cha). The sticky rice and mango gave it texture so it was more than 'just a sundae'. Loved it!
Haro Haro was with coconut sorbet, fresh mango, rambutan jelly, jackfruit cream and condensed milk. Again the sorbet was velvety smooth. The jackfruit cream was an interesting concept, although I didn't like the texture, I really liked the flavour. Mango bits are always a winner too. Now I can't wait to try their actual store and blog about it!

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Overall I have to say my highlight of the night was the En-Thai-Sing Sundae from Messina and the Roti at Mamak.