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Friday, August 28, 2015

Operator 25

I don't venture into the city for brunch all too often as I prefer the peruse the inner suburb. However we decided to watch Miss P's hockey and it presented the perfect oppotunity to try out Operator 25.

We went there on a wet, wet Saturday. Mario and I went to get a table first and Bear came shortly afterwards (he was being sweet and dropping Miss P for practice first).

While we waited for Bear, I got a hot chocolate and Mario got a latte. I found the milk/soy milk to be a little too cool. I understand that the milk shouldn't be too hot but this was just a but under for what I like and Mario agreed.

I always knew I wanted to try the sago here so I ordered 2 things (please don't judge me, I just really like to eat) and one had to be the Elderflower sago. This had chia seeds, strawberry compote, dried mango, rhubarb and topped with a white chocolate foam. It definitely hit the spot and I would order it again.

My other breakfast was Braised Eggs in Tomato Sauce. I was pretty intrigued when I saw it had ox tongue in it. It's not often you see ox tongue on a lunch menu. The braised eggs also had corn, beans, sour cream and jalapenos served with a side of corn bread. The flavours were good but it failed to draw that "amazing" factors. The taste has just the right level of tomato acidity to meat and egg but just not something I would feel I must come back here to eat.

Mario got the Wagyu Burger special. This had a wagyu patty with fried egg, relish, watercress. Great tasting patty that hit all the right notes. It was just missing chips or some sort of fried potato goodness. Mario was starring at Bear's burger with envy, as it came with sweet potato fries.

Bear got the Pulled Pork Burger. This was a soft pulled pork that was well marinated with flavour, it came with cabbage slaw, chilli mayo, fried egg and a side of sweet potato wedges. The flavours went well together, it was a bit messy to eat with sauce dripping everywhere but for how good the taste was, Bear didn't seem to mind and I happily stole parts of his burger and his sweet potato wedges.

Overall 16.5/20 Very happy with the offering, the food was really good. We all walked out feeling happy and full. Each one of us agreed that we would happily come back for another brunch.

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