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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 On a lazy Sunday when D and I decided to  to brunch and got Miss P to come along with us too. Since Bear was back in Sydney, we got CB to come along as well. Sardi was the pick since it was kinda in a middle ground for us (well not really for me, but I really wanted to try it).

CB bought the pup along the lucky for us, the people at Sardi were nice enough to put a table outside so pup could come with us.

We were handed a menu with lots of choice, I would usually get a soy latte but I spotted matcha latte on the menu and just had to try that (CB was in the same boat), Miss P got the latte. Neither were mindblowing.

Miss P has previously been here with Bear and said great things about the fried chicken burger. Her and D both picked the chicken burger for this visit. The chicken burger came with cabbage slaw, pickles and a side of sweet potato chips. We agreed that the chicken burger was one of the best  chicken burgers we have tasted. The flakey batter on the tasty chicken breast and the slaw cut through the heaviness nicely. It got a bit messy to eat but it was so tasty, the mess was worth it.

CB had difficulty deciding but in the end she decided on the superfood breakfast bowl. This came with loaded with green goodness, asparagus, avocado, poached egg, almond dukkah and buckhinis. It was dressed with lemon and parsley. This had a fresh healthy taste but added crunch to it. Great for any friends who are health geeks, personally I think it needed some salmon or bacon...... mmmmm bacon.......

I was the definition of a pig, I ordered 2 things, mainly because when my first dish came out, it looked small and I had food envy looking at D and Miss P's burger. My first dish was the breaky board. I have recently taking a liking to ordering breaky boards, as they offer a variety for indecisive people like myself. Sardi's breaky board came with mini croissant with rhubarb jam, granola, corn fritter with smashed avocado. This was suppose to come with a coffee as well but I never got it and they charged for the other 3 coffees that we ordered. This was the most disappointing dish out of everything we ordered for the day. The croissant and corn fritters was quite ordinary. I asked for soy instead of full cream milk and it took them ages to get it for me. I had to remind them, and it came when I almost finished the whole dish.

The other dish I ordered was the wild mushroom ragout. This was a creamy mushroom served on sour dough with kale, parmesan and poached eggs. It really didn't need the poached eggs, on it's own it would have been enough, it was very filling and reminded me of a mushroom risotto for breakfast but instead of rice it was with bread. I found it very enjoyable.

Overall 15.5/20 With the exception of being charged for a coffee I never got, it was an overall good place to catch up with friends. most of the food was dished up nicely.

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