Baba Sus

Living in a new suburb gives me an excuse to look for new places to eat. So I got inquisitive and found Baba Sus. Located near Burwood station it was a close, new local cafe for me to try out.

After a whole morning of assembling furniture I gathered, K, R and D for a big brunch feast. We sat down and started with the drinks. Baba Sus offered green tea latte so K and I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass. It was not as strong as I would like it to be, but still enjoyable. There as strong evidence they used matcha powder and not green tea syrup like chain stores.

D and R got a their usual latte. Smooth notes but nothing outstanding.

When it came to ordering, R and I immediately knew we wanted to try the Hong Kong waffles. It's not easy to come across Hong Kong waffles in Australia and the novelty of it dressed up and served as breakfast. The green tea waffle was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It came served with green tea ice cream, berry compote, vanilla custard and praline. I liked the novelty spin on a classic Hong Kong street snack to a breakfast dish. The elements worked well and I would happily have it again. I told mum about it and she went the following week and started to become a regular there too.

D got the waygu burger, it came with usual suspects of tomato, lettuce, onion jam, pickle, cheese, chilli mayo and served with a side of lime kaffir chips. The wagyu burger was tasty and cooked just right.

I was a bit of a glutton and I ordered a puffed rice granola for D and I to share. It came with coconut yogurt pana cotta (a current favorite of mine), poached nectarines, berries, almonds and other fresh fruit. It may sound basic but I loved this. The freshness along with the crunch and yogurt made it nice and balanced.

K got the corn and zucchini croquette. It came with cure salmon, poached eggs, beans and herb aioli. Nice and crisp on the outside and with the salmon, it was a breakfast I'll happily eat on a regular basis. Just wish there was more salmon on the plate.

Overall 16/20 I was happy with the menu variety and most were executed well. Only thing is the service was a tad slow. I told mummy about it and it has now become a regular brunch place of her. I won't complain, I'll gladly visit again.

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