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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Morning Tea with Poh Ling Yeow by Papparich Nunawading

MissyNess was lucky enough to be invited by PappaRich to have private dining session with Masterchef season 1 runner up Poh. She is my mum and my all time favourite Masterchef. Mum ecstatic when she found out. Poh is the very first ambassador for Papparich Australia so it was a real privilege to be there. I have a Malaysian mummy so she had always loved the idea of someone taking Malaysian cooking to the next level and showing the world how delicious it is, like how she showed my sister and I, as we grew up.

 When we sat down, I started with my favourite soy milk with grass jelly and mum got her kopi o.

Papparich spoiled us and gave us an array of things to feast on. I got the fish fillet noodle soup. This was  delicious milky like soup base with many pieces of deep fried fish fillet. Great alternative if you feel like something not so coconutty.

Mum got her favourite curry laksa. This had the signature creamy laksa soup base loaded with lots of ingredients. Can't go wrong with this one.

There was also the wat tan hor. Very similar to a sa hor fen, with heaps of egg gravy and goes perfectly with green chilli.

We were also give satays and rotis to try. The satay chicken was served with a peanut sauce that was just right. Not too spicy.

Roti kaya is a favourite of mine. Fluffy warm roti bread and coconut jam.

Roti planta, buttery roti bread served with curry sauce, sambal and dahl.

Towards the end there was also dumplings too. Just in case we weren't full enough, there was prawn dumplings and vegetarian foo jook rolls.

As we were all entering our food comas, Poh was such a darling and signed all our aprons and made sure she got a photo with everyone.

Not long after, mum and I followed her into the shopping centre where I got to stand behind the stage for her cooking demonstration.

Thank you Papparich for inviting us to this great event.

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