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Monday, January 13, 2014


This is a place that I've been going to since I was in high school. It's an extremely popular choice for Vietnamese food in Box Hill. When you walk in you are normally greeted with fast paced and squashed seating.

With most meals I like to start off with some prawn spring rolls. Small and nicely wrapped parcels of prawn eaten with lettuce, rice vermicelli and dipped in fish sauce. I like the spring rolls here compared to most other Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne because it's always fried to a nice golden colour and not dripping in oil.

As a main my favourite is always the fresh beef pho and the bun with lemongrass beef and spring rolls (yes more spring rolls). Starting with the pho, the broth is very fragrant, so fragrant that star anise is very evident. Some might even find it a tad on the salty side. The fresh beef is just tender, but I THINK there is also a generous helping of MSG in this as I'm always reaching for water.

With the Bun, it is a generous helping of vermicelli with lettuce, mint, coriander and carrot base topped with lemon grass beef and spring rolls. I love the flavour of the beef but they always seem to overcook it. The springrolls are always good for that extra bit of crunch. The dressing is a fish sauce that gives the dish that bit of sweetness.

Overall this place is nice cheap Vietnamese food but don't expect service. Over my years of dining here I know if you are Asian, you will not get service, actually I think I will go as far as saying their service is just rude. They tend to favour Non-Asian diners. Most locals would be aware of it. Just don't go expecting fantastic service. 13/20 

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