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Monday, January 13, 2014


Located next to the Queen Victoria Market, Chimac is a place you can easily drive by and not notice it. Situated on Peel Street, it's not near the strip of Korean restaurants on the other side of Queen Vic. This is a Korean fried Chicken and Beer place. When you walk in, there is a urban vibe to the place with the run down lay out.

Sadly because I only went with the boy, we could only try a small portion of what Chimac has to offer. When we sat down, there was fried raw spaghetti on the table. A fun concept but I didn't really like the blandness, I prefer the usual prawn crackers to raw spaghetti.

To start we got the tofu on kimchi field which is basically a big block on tofu topped with cheese on a bed of caramelised kim chi with minced pork belly bits. Other reviews I read spoke highly of this but personally I found it very disappointing, it was quite bland and oily. We were initially tossing up between this and the kimchi carnitas basket which is a Korean version of topped chips.... We got food envy when we saw the other table that ordered it.

We also got the seafood pancake to share, this was not too oily which a decent amount of calamari inside. The sauce was a good ratio of soy and vinegar and went with the pancake nicely.
Finally the chicken!! We got the wonder soy flavour because that is suppose to be their signiture dish. We weren't disappointed either! Crispy on the outside with batter laced with sweet soy sauce. The chicken was juicy and moist... I couldn't help but lick my fingers at the end. I will definity go back to try the other flavours but with more people next time!

Overall 13.5/20. Awesome chicken! A bit on the expensive side but the great chicken does make up for it! A very small menu, would've liked to have seen cheese and corn on the menu. The tofu was a let down, if not for tofu and spaghetti, I would've rated this place 15.... Maybe next time I go back and try other things on the menu I would change my mind.... I will keep you updated! 

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