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Friday, April 8, 2016

YOMG - Glen Waverley

Melbourne Glutton and I were fortunate to win YOMG's 12K instagram competition. This meant we both scored a meal on the house. This music to our ears. Melbourne Glutton is one of my favourite people to share a meal with. Just like me, she takes photos for her blog, so she is every bit my perfect dining partner, especially for places I want to blog about.

We got a burger each, fries and opted for froyo over milkshake. So we could try more variety, we got different burgers and fries.

MG got the Muffler. This was a pretty monster burger with beef patty, fried chicken, double cheese, bacon onion fries, pickles, bbq sauce and mayo. The chicken was crisp, the patty was juicy and well seasoned. The cheese, pickle and sauces finished it off nicely to balance out the meatiness.

I got the Kingsway. This was double beef, double cheese, secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup. It's like a cheese burger but double the good stuff. The patties are not for the faint hearted so I recommend this for a hungry stomach.

With fries I didn't go too crazy and got the American. Fries topped with cheese sauce, ketchup, bacon and mustard. All the classic in a single dish of fries.

MG got the Shang-Fry. This is definitely different from the classical fries topping, it had pulled pork, toasted sesame, basil mayo, crispy shallots, chilli and spring onion. This was pretty much a meal in itself. There was a generous amount of pork on top, the basil mayo cut through the meatiness and the chilli was a nice kick.

As for froyo, MG and I both gravitated toward coconut. We both went a bit crazy when it came to toppings. The froyo was soft, creamy and not overly sweet.

Overall 17/20 I'm not far from YOMG and it is now one of my regular places to visit whenever I want a burger for a cheat meal.

YOMG - Yo My Goodness Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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