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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Home Thai

I was so happy to find out that Jarjar was in Sydney the same time as me for a project. It meant I got to pig out with her again! Since it was her birthday recently, it was more the reason to celebrate. There was 3 of us for dinner (Jarajar, SJ and me) so Thai felt the most appropriate to share, nibble and have a few giggles.

We went to the Home Thai on Sussex Street on a Monday night and lucky for us, the wait wasn't that awful.

Faced with a menu full of choice, the other 2 left the ordering to me and I gladly accepted the challenge. I am someone who hate leaving a restaurant not feeling full, so anybody who ever dines with me, will know to except a food baby at the end of their meal.

To start I ordered the seafood tom yum, it was a fairly cold day, warm soup was a great way to start. This was more on the spicy side, I loved it and could take the heat fine but I could see SJ struggling with the heat. The soup has a generous amount of prawns, mushroom and corriander.

Next was the soft shell crab mango salad. This came with a generous amount of soft shell crab, green mango, coriander, onion, shallots, kaffier leaves and chilli jam. The soft shell crab was deep fried and tasted great alone, l would have happily eaten the crab alone, it didn't really need the salad.

For mains we got the green curry with chicken. Strong coconut milk flavours came through, apple eggplant, chilli and basil leaves were also in the curry to enhance the curry.

To go with the green curry we also ordered some coconut rice. This also went nicely the stir fried broccoli with crispy pork. Normally the crispy pork would not be served on the side but they were accommodating since jaryar is vegetarian. This is one of my favourite dishes to order whenever we go to a Thai restaurant. Home Thai does it well With the pork being crispybut not dry. The oyster sauce is sweet but not too overpowering.

Pad thai is always a favourite, so we couldn't pass it up. Thin flat rice noodles with chicken and the usual goodies. I liked the side of nuts but didn't' feel the same away about the sugar. l found that the padthai already had enough taste and did't need anymore.

For dessert we really wanted the mango sticky rice but it was sold out. Instead we got the deep fried bread sticks, served with pandan coconut jam. It was a very heavy dessert. l reccomend you share this one.

The other dessert we got was the egg custard with sticky rice. The egg custard sat on top of the pandan scented sticky rice and finished with condense milk. It's very typical thai flavours, a bit on the heavy side but still a good sweetness to end the meal.

Overall 16.5/20 It's home-y Thai food that hits the spot. The menu has heaps of options, all the classics are there along with plenty of other new things to try.

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