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Friday, October 9, 2015

Hash Coffee Speciality

Most weekends I like to look for K (my fav brunch buddy) especially when I find new and interesting cafes. My trip to Hash was no different. So K, R, D and I set out to the city to try this new place. Located on Hardware Lane, its one of the signature Melbourne styled "side lane" cafes. It's a quiet and raw atmosphere.

I actually came here for the hot chocolate. So once we sat down, we got straight to business and ordered our drinks. K and I both got the hot chocolate, R and  D got their usual latte. The latte was smooth and milk was just the right temperature.

The hot chocolate here comes with turkish fairy floss and  you pour the the liquid chocolate into the fairy floss. The chocolate is very rich and the fairy floss was more a novelty and didn't add much sweetness. I would suggest when pouring the hot mork chocolate into the cup, you aim for the centre, otherwise as the rairy floss melts, it might get a tad messy. If you are one who doesn't favour decantdent, rich chocolate then pace yourself through this one. The chocolate is intense and hits you with a punch.

R and D voth got scallops , chrizo egg combo. This was a simple spread of seared scallops, fried egg, chirizo and fried egg. I found it interesting to see scallopsmon a breakfast menu. I liked the taste combination, but it was  a little on the small side. The boys were still a bit peckish afterwards.

K and I got 2 sweet things to share as we had difficulty deciding (as usual).  First one was the rice pudding. This was done in  brulee style, with torched sugar on top to give it the hard, crystalized, sweet top. The rice pudding underneath came with poached pear and pistachio. I found the rice pudding to be quite aromatic from the cardamom and quite enjoyable. I found the burlee top to be too sweet for my liking but K happily inhaled all of it for me.

Our other dish was the banana pecan loaf. I am a big fan of banana bread/loaf combinations at breakfast (sorry waistline) so when l saw this on the menu there was no question that we were going to order it. The banana loaf here is served with macadamias, milk crumbs, blueberries and burnt honey mascarpone white chocolate custard. The loot war soft in the centre with a crispy top, just the way l like it. There was a lot of flowers on the plate, l would have preferred more berries over flowers, but l must say, the flowers do make the presentation a lot more prettier. 

Overall 15/20 I liked the creativity in the menu, the food and drinks were decent. I would visit again if I am nearby.
Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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