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Monday, July 21, 2014

New Shanghai

If you read my blog regularly, you would remember how excited I was, when I discovered New Shanghai in Brisbane. New Shanghai is now also in Melbourne. They recently added another store to their chain, with a new store in the food court section of Emporium. I purely discovered this by serendipity as I was looking for Jimmy Grants.

D was just as excited when I told him, he use to love getting New Shanghai for lunch each time he visited me in Brisbane.

To start we got the famous pan fried pork buns. These buns have a juicy centre of pork encased with soft yet crispy base sweet casing. With a dashing of vinegar, these little bun were absolute delish! I was not disappointed and already craving to go back.

Hot and sour soup was very sour. It had a good assortment of ingredients but I felt the sour and spiciness needed a better balance and possibly could do with more stock base to balance out the sourness.

Next on the menu was salted egg fried tofu. I have never had this before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was quite different to all the other Asian tofu dishes I've eaten in the past. Small cubes of fried tofu, sprinkled with salted egg yolks was a combination I never expected to work, but it did. The saltiness from the egg yolk worked well with the bland but silky texture of the tofu. I won't eat a whole plate of this alone, but I would order it, if I was in a large group and sharing. It does make a nice twist to the usual Chinese tofu dishes such as mapo tofu, pipa tofu etc.

X.O sauce fried rice cakes was very heavy and filling. The doughiness of the ricecakes filled D and I up fast. The X.O sauce wasn't anything memorable and a tad oily but still very satisfying.

Overall 14/20 most dishes pretty good with the exception of the hot and sour soup. Their overall execution were done well. They have consistences with their Brisbane store which is good to see.

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