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On Sunday with fellow blogger This(hungry)LittlePiggy we visited Luxbite for their brunch special. For celebrating they getting 10K followers on Instagram, they had a $10 special on all these brunch menu items. Being the foodies we were, we could not resist and made the trip to Toorak.

I managed to try 4 things out of the menu. First up was the  Lamb, mint and rosemary sausage. Unfortunately the 60/60 eggs were sold out so we got scramble as the substitute. The sausages didn't look like much on the plate but they were a punch of flavour.

The Pulled pork with lap cheong was served with a corn fritter, scrambled eggs (to replace 60/60) and avocado. On the menu it sounded very interesting but it didn't work as a whole, on the plate. On it's own, each aspect was great but once it was there together it didn't compliment each other. I would have preferred some crunchy bread instead of the corn fritter. The avocado looked old on the plate. The pulled pork with lap cheong was very tasty if only if there was rice, it would have been perfect (yes, yes that's very fobby of me).

Corn, miso and leek soup gave me food envy as I saw the table next to us get it, so I had to also have it. I loved the combination, the sweetness of the corn, saltiness of the miso and the avocado mousse in the creme to give that creaminess. This was a thumbs up dish for me. I couldn't get enough, but just wish they had served it that little bit more warmer for the cold winters day (Melbourne weather).

Slow braised beef was served with a bed of mash with elements of bacon, and a fried egg to top it off. I think this was the best value of the whole brunch menu. The beef was soft and had just the right amount of seasoning. The egg on top made it feel less dinner but more brunch.

If I am at Luxbite, I have to get dessert. Being a winter's day I couldn't pass up the warm sticky date, bread and butter pudding. This was served with a salted caramel sauce. This was divine, the fluffy and sticky parts of a dessert, all on one plate.

Desserts never stop at one for me, next was the Blue calpis. This was mascarpone mousse cake, with blueberry jelly, blueberry cream and a white chocolate glaze. This was light and airy. Great way to end the meal.

Overall 16/20  I was overall impressed with their brunch offering. Keep up the good work Luxbite!

Note: Luxbite has a different $10 special to celebrate them reaching 10K likes on instrgram. So check it out

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