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Friday, May 23, 2014

Bistro Guillaume

With it's bright green entrance, Bistro Guillaume has been in Crown for a number of years now. It is also one of D's dad's and my sister's favourite places. Think it was only fair that I finally reviewed it.

I always love coming in here around sunset, the view out to the Yarra together with the beautiful light fixtures in the restaurant. If you ever just want a quiet meal, come around 4-5pm for an early dinner, you will get a peaceful and quiet experience and get to do a bit of people watching too.

To start I got the onion soup. This was a rich, intense soup with cheesy croutons. There was a good amount of onion bits in it to give it that extra texture. However the winning part of the soup were those cheesy croutons. I never knew I could like onion soup that much until this one.

D got the King salmon tartare with the cucumber gazpacho. This was light and refreshing, huge slices of salmon went beautifully with the puree. If you are sharing with someone I would recommend to pick a light salad with one of the heavier entrees, so you don't ruin your appetite for the mains.

As my main I had the rack of lamb with ratatouille, tapenade and zucchini flower. The lamb was soft and juicy but a little too red for my liking. I would have preferred another 2 minutes on the heat. Not a big fan of the onions on the plate but I would've appreciated a little bit more ratatouille. The lamb was bursting with juices and flavour. Quite a delight.

D got steak with Bearnaise sauce. This was a succulent cut of meat that was cooked beautifully. It came with a bed crisp, fluffy chips

Sadly the gratin was not available and we opted for mash. Silky and creamy.

Dessert did not take place as we were just too full.

Overall 16/20, beautiful setting, wonderful service, good food.

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