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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Bowl Pho & Bun Bo Hue

So this is one of the newest additions in Victoria Street. It's not exactly a food challenge but there is the novelty of a Super large bowl of pho or bun bo hue.

I went with a colleague for lunch but we weren't adventurous/hungry enough to try the superbowl so we just went with the usual size. I got the slice beef pho with no onions and "A" got the bun bo hue.

The pho has a good soup base and was quite generous with their beef slices. The beef was very thinly cut so it cooked once in contact with the soup. 

"A" described it as a well balanced mixture of spiciness and sourness and something he would crave on a cold rainy Melbourne day. I was very tempted to try the bun bo hue too, but since I was sick as a dog, so I refrained from spreading my germs.

Overall 12.5/20, it's a good feed in a relatively clean environment for Victoria Street standards. Sadly to say, non-Asian people do get priority for service. We were clearly ignored a few times when another fellow non-Asian table who put their hand up after us, asked for service.

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