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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Walk into Maedaya and you will immediately be hit with the strong smell of BBQ grill smoke that will be sure to set your stomach growling with hunger.

Maedaya specialises in Sake and Grill skewers, so I wouldn't recommend bringing your vegetarian date. 

On this visit, I was fortunate enough to be part of a big group who let me go nuts on the menu and order as much variety as I wanted.

It was actually my good friend KH's birthday that night too and Maedaya does a few birthday specials. We opted for the sushi cake. It looked exactly like a cake, sparklers and all; but it was made up of rice, salmon, tuna, avocado, mayo... it was basically just a giant piece of sushi (sans seaweed). It was equal parts visually delightful and delicious. It made for a really filling start to the meal, but definitely no complaints on our part!

We ordered the following dishes along with a couple of bottles of sake - excuse some of the blurry photos...I already had a few shots of sake by the time the food came out!

The Mixed Sashimi Platter. Super fresh fish, but it was cut slightly too thick. Awesome kingfish too!

The Nasi Dengaku, which is eggplant served in an inari pocket. Really nice chunks of eggplant doused in sweet miso sauce. (sorry - no photo for this one. It was far too blurry.)

Chicken ball skewers. Chicken was nice and tender but out of the five flavours I kept going back for the spicy mayo chicken balls. The black sesame was also really tasty.

Chilli Edmame. I think I prefer the normal salted Edamame over this variation. The Renkon chips were nice and crispy.

The Salmon Salad was the highlight for me. I loved the tangy sesame dressing that was generously drizzled over loads of green salad leaves, fresh salmon and tuna. This is something I will definitely order again, on my next visit.

Pork gyoza had a thin and crispy skin with juicy filling. I wish I had ordered a second plate!

Sumiyaki Mixed Grill Platter. This had a selection of pork, beef and chicken skewers. I would highly recommend getting your hands on the pork ones first if you are sharing!

Finally, the Japanese fried rice was a good filler in between.

Overall 16.5/20. The food wasn't too expensive and there were lots of lovely surprises along the way. The creativity with the sushi cake and the beautiful salad really topped the experience off for me. I am eager to go back and try more of their menu. I also loved their large selection of sake!

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