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Monday, September 16, 2013

Meatball & Wine Bar

I had to check this place out last Friday. When I walked in it was a buzzing atmosphere, and we got a lovely waiter who put up with my friends and myself who were quite loud from a couple of pre-drinks while waiting for the table.

To start we got the cheese plate. We paired it with this lovely bottle of red (but now I just can't remember the name, all I remember was that it was $80 a bottle). The mozzarella on that board just perfect with the red. I couldn't tell if it was the red that made the cheese great or vice versa but either way I was impressed.

We got a few selection of the balls to share. Chicken with white sauce on peas was the crowd favourite of the night. My partner just could not get enough. The chicken was done just perfectly, still juicy in the centre finished with a light cream sauce. 

Next there was the beef balls with red sauce on mash. Personally this was my favourite, lovely classic favours, the tomato paste was overpowering just just complmentary. Mash was a smooth consistency

Fish balls with green sauce on pasta was an interesting concept to me. On paper, I just didn't think it would work, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad. Wasn't my favorite but it wasn't bland as I had imagine it to be. The green pesto sauce was probably the hero of this dish as the pasta and the fish balls would have been bland in comparison to the other balls on the menu without that sauce.

Pork ball with red sauce and Italian beans was also a hit in my eyes. 

The sliders, I didn't actually get to try as I wasn't quick enough, but from the reception around the table, everybody seemed to have wanted seconds (had we not ordered so much food earlier).

For dessert I just had to try the whoopie mac. Sadly the gooey chocolate cookie, I had hope to get was sold out. Instead I went for Pistachio and lemon shortcake cookie with a caramel ice cream centre.... I like the concept a lot but end result was fairly ordinary and didn't feel like it was worth $11.50. I could've done something like that at home..... =(

The tiramisu..... let's not even bother going there. Not worth trying....

Overall I loved all the meatballs and wine (I guess as the name would suggest, IT IS a meat ball and wine place). Sadly the dessert was a big let down for me. I would give this place 15/20. decent price and good food.

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