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Monday, April 9, 2012

Three bags Full

So I haven't updated in awhile... but here are some of my latest consumptions

Had brunch at Three bags full today. Heard heaps about it so thought I might as well give it a try. The boy and I decided to go for the brunch/breakfast menu.

Started off with some fresh juice. Vege juice (carrot, beetroot, ginger and lemon) for him and a pear,apple, orange and mint for me. I am not a fan of vege juice, but the combo was nice according to the boy and I guess you can't really go wrong with the fruit juice combo.
Next up was the roast mushroom on toast with goat cheese and almond. This was very flavorsome to begin with, but after awhile it got quite heavy. I would recommend you share this one with someone, if you don't like a heavy start to the day.
Another thing we had to try was the big breakfast. The picture pretty much speaks for what it contained. Only thing not visible is the cheese kransky that was hiddne under the mountain of mushrooms. This was really yummy and would hit the spot of for any hungry bodies waking up on a Sunday. The highlight of this dish was def' the relish. The eggs were scrambled perfectly and the bacon was just fried enough to be crisp but not enough to be brittle.

Overall this was a thumbs up. Compared to other hyped up brunch places such as St Ali, it is not very oily and the place isn't too noisy so you can still have a convo with the person next to you without shouting. This is a place I won't mind going back to, but I am a bit lazy to drive out all the way to Abbotsford as well... hmmmm such hard decisions to make in life.

Anyway, a word of warning for anyone who wants to try this place out. The line was out the door so don't expect to get there and have a table.

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