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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ms G

Prior to heading to Syd, I spent a bit of time researching and Ms G just kept appearing. So I was really interested and just had to pay the place a visit. Unlike the usual Merivale restaurants, this was out neat Potts Point right behind Kings Cross. Not a usual place that you can easily stumble upon. From Masterchef and many other cooking shows, I've heard heaps about Dan Hong so needless to say I went with high expectations. 

To start off we ordered the Mini banh mi, both in chicken katsu and pork belly. This was a fun twist on the usual Vietnamese rolls you get. The pork belly added that stickiness that went really well with the flavours of carrots and pickled cucumber. Chicken katsu was also very nice, but once you had the pork belly it no longer compares.

Next, was the salad of husband and wife. Quirky as the name is, the contents were just as quirky. A combination of carrots, chilli, cucumber, peanuts, coriander and pigs ears. Quite tailored to the Asian palate. Not really my cup of tea but the friends I were with, did like it. Guess this one takes the right audience to appreciate it.

Best part of the meal was Jow's sweet and sour lamb ribs. Words cannot describe the heavenly taste that it was. The meat was juicy, succulent and just fell off the bone. The balance of sweet, sour and saltiness was also something words cannot describe. I was licking my fingers at the end of this. This is hands down a MUST TRY.

Braised waygu, Taiwanese style was something the waiter recommended us. Nothing was spectacular about this after tasting the lamb ribs. The flavours were really heavy, something that needs to go with rice. I can't say this is something I would order again. However I am sure a meat lover would enjoy this dish.

Finally the much talked about Stoner's Delight. This dessert was made up of candied bacon, potato chips, doughnut ice cream, chocolate covered rice bubbles, banana fritter, raspberry jam and peanut butter. Sounds like a lot happening on a plate...... and trust me, it was! The bacon was an eye opener, this was the first time I've had bacon as a desert. The combination of caramel flavours and hint of saltiness was different. However the rest of the dish complemented each other well in a surprising odd manner. The ice cream and banana combination is a classic but once you add peanut butter  and potato chips to the plate, it somehow still works. Again, like the ribs, you need to try it to understand it.

Overall I was glad I made the trip out to Potts Point. This is def' a place I would visit again. 

Overall: 16/20

Pricing: $$$ expect minimum $25-35 per head.

Just had to note this. The cocktails were also really cute. They came packaged like a bubble tea!

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  2. The lamb ribs are wonderfl aren't they? :-)

    1. Just thinking about them, makes me drool =P

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