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Monday, March 28, 2016

Naughty Boy Cafe

This is one of those Instagram cafes that I keep seeing pop up, anyway so I decided to finally stop giving myself excuses and organised brunch with some friends and drove out to Carlton. We were in a group of 6 and it was a lovely day so we sat outside.

Once I got there (yes I was late and the last to arrive), I told the guys about the insta freak shakes, so a few of us got them to dry. They had a few options but we ended getting the same thing. Pavlova for the ones of us who are lactose intolerant, Chocolate & Nutella Fudge for those who aren't.

The  Pavlova was made with coconut milk, vanilla, lime, passionfruit curd, kiwi fruit, mixed berries and Turkish fair floss. This was one big drink that was packed with a million different flavours (ok maybe not exactly a million but you get the point). The actual drink work great with the coconut milk base it actually made it lighter compared to milk. As you get through the meringue, passionfruit curd, and berries, it really does remind you of a liquid pavlova. The fairy floss was that nice finishing touch on it. If you have a sweet tooth you, this one is for you. 

The Chocolate Nutella Fudge is one rich and decadent shake. It comes with a chocolate brownie, white chocolate mousse, freeze dried fruit, nutella and a big blob of whipped cream. It really was more like a fully loaded chocolate shake, where the brownie was in the shake instead of outside the shake. A nice treat but definitely only a "sometimes food".

For food, I got the Buttermilk Waffles. This was served with pineapple and kiwi sauce, passionfruit sorbet, mango, dates laced with rum and pina colda anglaise. The concept of fruity waffles is a fresh change to the typical chocolate and strawberry options you see on menus. It wasn't bad, but sadly they didn't provide me with good service to match it. My waffles came 25 minutes after all my friends got their meal. I didn't make them wait for me to start but they felt bad I was just eating them eat, so they all gave me bits of their meal to try. By the time my meal came, I wasn't really hungry anymore.

C and Ace both got Eve's garden. This was interesting as it was made up of eggplant, roast pumpkin, grains, poached egg, avocado and cherry tomato. C was hungry so he got a side of salmon with his as well. Eggplant and pumpkin is not something you would normally eat or breakfast in Melbourne. However given it was more a brunch it didn't feel so out of place. The warm vegetable concept actually worked well as you got that savoury hit without the usual heavy hitters like bacon and fried egg.

T was easy to keep happy, she got the Breakfast Roll. Nothing fancy about this one, just a classic to curb the craving of bacon and eggs with haloumi and green tomato relish on a noisette roll.However the fried haloumi made it a bit too oily.

N ordered the The Naughty Boy which is like a big breakfast. Bacon, tomato, mushroom, poached eggs, skordalia (puree of potato, garlic and walnut) and falafel. It it the option if you want a bit of everything, I would consider it the 'simple guy' type of breakfast.

D got the Sweet Corn, Zucchini Fritters. This came with broad beans, mint, dill, tomato & feta salad, poached eggs and finished lemon olive oil. A good alternative to the typical breakfast options, the board beans and mint combination was refreshing and a lighter breakfast alternative.

Overall 14.5/20 I really liked the shakes, some of the breakfast items were good. I was very disappointed with the service, there was no apology or explaination on why my meal took so long to come. 

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