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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


In my typical weekend style, D and I went on our usual routine and looked for a new brunch place to try. This time I spent my Sunday at Hobba, a new brunch location on Malvern Rd near Hawksburn. It is a refurbished warehouse situated in the local shopping strip.

We got here after 2 and the place was still bursting with people, we had a short wait of 15 minutes before we were seated. The host was friendly and showed us to the table and made sure our coffee orders were in straight away.

We each got our usual, soy latte for me and skinny latte for D. The coffees were quick to serve and hit the spot. I liked how the used 5 sense coffee beans.

When it came to food, D had a lot of difficulty choosing. He wanted the big bad wolf, espanola and the hobba burger but sadly only space for one of those. In the end he went with the big bad wolf and as the name suggests, it was very big. This came with 2 fried eggs, bacon, kale, hash brown, home made beans, black pudding, tomatoes and mushrooms on toast. There was a lot on the plate and perfect for any hungry man or lady. The house made beans and the black pudding were my favourite element on the plate but i found it a shame, that they forgot to serve the black pudding and it wasn't until we were half way through that we realised it was missing and asked for it.

My decision was very easy, I walked in feeling like hotcakes and that was exactly what I ordered. The hotcakes came with berries, mascarpone, honeycomb and maple syrup. The hotcakes had a cripsy edge and were on the heavy side. I found it difficult to finish as I was full after the first hotcake, I would have prefer the hotcake to be more fluffy as well. I definitely walked out with a food baby after this

Overall 15/20 I like their atmosphere and there was a lot of variety on the menu. This is a place I would come back when I'm in the area or wanting a chilled place to brunch with my friends on the weekend.

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