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Monday, January 19, 2015

Proud Mary

On a lovely Summer Sunday, K and I ventured to Collingwood for some brunch action at Proud Mary. I have heard about it but never had the time to go there, so K (my favourite eating partner) drove to my house, gave me a kick up the butt, and we ventured to Collingwood to continue my brunch adventures.

We got there around 2pm and was told there was a bit of a wait, and we were fine with it. It was a lovely day and I could do with some vitamin D in my system. After about 20 minutes we were seated and the lovely waiter got us our menus and made sure we were will caffined up.

I got a soy latte to kick start my meal, and K opted for a flat white. The coffee was smooth and velvety, no wonder K was gushing about their coffee on our way there.

For the main show, we got 2 things to share. We picked one sweet and one savory.

The sweet was an easy choice, as soon as we saw the menu, both our eyes were glued to the ricotta hotcakes. It had a caramelised blood orange sauce with 3 fluffy hotcakes, coconut ice cream, slices of oranges and orange blossom. This was a very strong citrus sauce, and it really needed the coconut ice cream to penatrate through the zest. It was really scrumptious but if you don't eat it with the ice cream, you may get a slight bitter aftertaste.

For the savory we got the potato hash. This came with charred kale, smoked bacon, poached egg and bang cauda (Italian sauce of anchovies and garlic). It came with a big bed of potato hash. It was crispy on the edges and soft in the centre. The bang cauda tied the bacon and egg together with the hash really well. the charred kale tasted like crispy seaweed. The dish as a whole executed well and delicious all round. It is something I would happily go back for every week.

Addition to the coffees and the 2 dishes I made K share a super smoothie with me too. This was made up of acai berries, banana and cacao. This was a heavy smoothie and I was very glad I asked K to share with me, because there was no way I could finish it on my own.

Overall 16/20 it was a very delightful visit. The food was delectable and the coffees were good. I found the whole experience very enjoyable and it was the highlight of my Sunday.

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