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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shyun Ramen Bar

Shyun is my usual go to place when I'm after good, local Japanese food. So naturally when I learnt they opened a sister raman bar on the same stripe in Koornang road, I was excited and keen to try it. The place had a modern rustic decor and fitted out to be a casual eatery. When we arrived it was buzzing already and shortly after we were seated (on a communual share table) a line formed outside.

Bobo, K and I decided to give it a visit for one of our girls night. We got 2 ramen, 1 udon and a few sides to share.

First up was the takoyaki octopus balls. These were small and came with a generous pieces of octopus inside. The outside was crunchy with just the right bite.

Adegashi tofu was lightly fried and simply disappointing. It was deep fried enough, you can see the outer coating being very light yellow in colour. The starch coating was all gelatin like and not crispy.

Gyoza, was again pan fried with a gelatin like coating on top. The base wasn't crispy enough and the filling was salty.

As mains we got the tori gara udon. This came with a tasty soup base and the udon were perfectly al dente.

The next was the tonkontsu kenkigara which was  spicy pork broth ramen with mince meat. This was packed a punch and the soup base was very salty.

Their signature ramen was tonkotsu charsiu. This was a rich broth with a shoyou base. Sadly it failed to hit the mark. It tasted like it was full on MSG, I felt very thirty after a few mouthfuls.

Overall 11/20 I found it extremely disappointing. Most of the food was too salty. I am hoping that this is purely because it's newly opened and they will iron out the problems later.

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