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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Naked for Satan

I've seen this name pop up a bit over the years and quite a few friends have mentioned it. So when my partner said we were going there for a midweek date night, I got super excited. This place is really a bar with tapas (they call it pintxos) that works on an honesty system. There is an array of pintxos on the bar and each of them will have a toothpick. How it works is that you help yourself to whatever you like and the bill is calculated at the end based on how many toothpicks you have. It's not expensive at all, lunch Mon-Fri and dinner Sun-Wed is $1 per toothpick and all other times it's $2 a toothpick.

There was a nice selection but I'll start off with my favorite, the squid ink with calamari. Strong robust flavours from the risoni is paired nicely with the calamari. 

Then there was also the cauliflower spread with prawn and finished with garlic. Very creamy but then a hint of meaty and freshness from the prawn.

The eggplant chip with blue cheese and honey; and the chili cashew and capsicum with eggplant is also worth the mention.

What you see on the bar is not the full selection, during the night waiters will wander to your table and offer you hot pintxos too, these may include chorizo croquette, grilled Parmesan and mascapone with cherry tomatoes, meatball with Parmesan, veal schnitzel and chorizo with caramelised onions.

This is bar, so I thought I would give the watermelon, mint vodka a shot. I was not disappointed. Fresh, fruity flavours that was not watered down. 

Overall I can see why people rave on about it. The food is decent and the alcohol is fairly priced. I can see myself coming back here. 15/20

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